About the Foundation


To empower people, projects and communities to make a positive difference for the future of humanity, through supporting existing efforts or providing the tools to accomplish new ideas.



The Nuer Foundation aims to co-create a context for humanity through:

  • Providing grants to other organizations aligned with its mission

  • Directly sponsoring projects that foster education, conflict resolution and the respect of human dignity

  • Awarding the Nuer Prize, which will recognize people who exhibit courage and commitment through resolving conflict or forging difficult dialogues with others, or other significant accomplishments aligned with the foundation’s mission


Origins of the Foundation


The Nuer Foundation was established in 1999 in honor of Claire Nuer, to foster the work and principles to which she devoted her life. This tribute intends to carry on the legacy of her contribution.

Claire was an incredible teacher of our times and pioneer in the field of Personal Mastery, leadership and conflict resolution. Her training was not drawn from an academic background, but rather her own personal life experience. As a survivor of the Holocaust and of cancer, Claire had turned a lifetime of challenges into a commitment to being a constructive force in the world.

Born Jewish in Paris in 1933, she was a hidden child during the war; her father and most of his family died in the Holocaust. This childhood instilled in her an unshakable commitment to do whatever necessary-from the smallest daily behaviors to the largest projects-so that such an extreme example of inhumanity never happen again. She devoted the last two decades of her life to developing educational programs, conferences, seminars and panel discussions aimed at fostering conflict resolution and inter-cultural dialogue.

Overcoming terminal cancer led her to study the field of human potential and inspired her to teach others that we don’t have to wait until we are faced with a crisis-such as disease, divorce or bankruptcy -to re-clarify our deepest goals and aspirations, and to improve our communication, behavior and relationships with others.

A highly acclaimed facilitator, she pioneered with her husband a powerful set of conceptual and practical tools for both work and personal life that benefited many American and international business, medical and academic leaders, as well as families and young people.

Claire was a Fellow and Trustee of the World Business Academy, a member of the International Society of Psycho-Oncology, and a Member Consultant of the Society for Organizational Learning, developed from Peter Senge’s organizational learning work. Claire was also a participant in the Goldner Holocaust Biennial Symposia “The Road to Responsibility in the Age of the Shoah,” held at Wroxton College in England. Claire was featured on television, radio and in print publications in Europe, Canada and the US as well as Joe Jaworski’s book, Synchronicity. She led conferences sponsored by the Commonwealth Club, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the United Nations, the Annual Scholars’ Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches, and the State of the World Forum.