Turning Point ’95 Presentation




Yesterday a bomb,
and tomorrow,
Today Algeria,
and tomorrow,
Today Rwanda,
and tomorrow,
Today Bosnia,
and tomorrow,
Before yesterday Auschwitz,
and today, it wasn’t enough,
for today it is too late,
but what path for tomorrow?
for my children, your children,
their children,
be they yellow, black or white,
Jewish, Christian or Muslim,

I’d like to marry colors,
I’d like to exchange ideas,
I’d like to mix religions,
I’d like to open cultures,
I’d like to transform opinions,
I’d like to interweave borders,
I don’t want our children to
brandish tomorrow
the weapons of this world,
I don’t want to wake up telling
you did nothing,
you let time slip by
and kept your silence,
and you gave away our children.