Turning Point ’95 Presentation




I walked,
we walked together,
on my feet, I wore my shoes,
shoes with think soles,
extra thick, to not feel,
with neither foot nor heart:
not the stones,
nor he iron,
nor the soil,
but don’t walk upon the grass,
it would have been
so precious for them,
these shoes,
I told myself, if one day
you should leave, flee,
you’ll have them on your feet,
you’ll sleep with them
so they can’t be stolen,
you’ll be neither cold in winter,
nor hat in summer, but above all,
you’ll be able to walk, to work,
they’re solid,
you won’t wear them out,
I saw, in the window of the
museum, so many shoes, small and
large, new and old, red white
brown blue black, sandals, clogs,
with laces, with buckles, mine are,
always on my feet, my blood froze,
but I saw, I discovered, mine are
by my side today, I don’t always
wear them. But I stand watch, I’m
here, I truly want to be present, so
that no one ever comes to take
them from me.

Frédérique, October 12, 1995